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Floppy April + Giveaway!

Necklace; find from a local boutique, White Monogram Hat, Ring; Pave Coil from Express, Michael Kors bracelet (PoshMark find) style MKJ3509710

Hi beautiful peeps,

For starters I hope everyone had an awesome Easter Day this weekend with your love ones and for all my jewish friends, joyous festival. Being that I love accessories, monograms and everything that has to do with them together, I was super excited to hear that 9th and Elm wanted to send me a Monogram Floppy Hat with my initials. With so many options, It took me literally 2 days to decided on the Hat/Thread color and the font style. I ended up deciding on the White Monogram Hat and Navy Blue with Master Circle font style. I figured, why not choose something that would go well with any outfit. Because of the crazy New York weather, it was a bit difficult to actually take it out for a spin. Snow storms, strong winds, non-stop rain, and yes! I'm talking about the month of March. So during the Easter weekend, I finally was able to show my hat off. I styled it with a loss cover-up sweater and paired it with my levi's white shorts, a fashion statement necklace, a gorgeous ring from express, an awesome Michael Kors bracelet (which I found on PoshMark) and of course my signature hair look. I love everything about the hat! Unlike most flappy hats I own, it stayed well in place! Especially when the wind was passing by. It is fun, stylish, simple but yet elegant in its own way. The Monogram Hat retails for $50 but it's on sale for $25, 50% off! So worth it!

Enough about me! Did I mention, I teamed up with 9th and Elm to do a major giveaway for y'all. I know, Finally! A Giveaway on Vanessa'a blog.

Here are the details;

-  The giveaway will remain live from April 7 at 11 am CST until April 16 at 11 am CST.
-  The winner will be chosen and notified by 9th and Elm on April 17.
-  This giveaway is available for United States and Canadian residents only.

Good Luck!!! xoxox

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A Fresh Start With Destiny

As we wrapped up February and welcomed March I'm sure most of you are just excited as I am for summer to arrive. February was definitely a busy month; New York Fashion Week, Valentine's Day, 2 baby showers and bestie birthday, so I was most looking forward to relax. One thing I absolutely love to do on my spare time is light-up a candle in my room, lay on my bed, catch up on some reading and of course check out my social media as well. I am a big candle person! My friends think I am insane for having so many candles but to be honest, each candle is far different from the other. Depending on my mood of the day I light-up flowers scent when I'm happy, desserts and pastry scent for when I feel silly or my nieces come over, and ocean breeze or tropical scents for relaxation.
During Fashion Week I've attended the Bene Rialto Collective Preview & Lounge in which I meet Destiny Candle lovely representative Erica who introduce me to this amazing candle/body oil. Yes, I said it! Body Oil! The luxury candle melts to silky body oil and surprisingly as you pour it on to your skin it was the perfect temperature. In every candle there is a hidden surprise for you, a ring value from $10-$10k dollars.
Made in the US, the brand is non-GMO (Genetically Modified Foods) which means the candle is not artificially control in a laboratory through genetic engineering and no animal testing.
My boyfriend and I were pretty excited when I received this awesome surprise in the mail. We had a very romantic night just us two and enjoyed the power of the candle, let me tell you girls, he approves! He actually offered to be my hand model to demonstrate you how silky the body oil drips on to the skin.
Destiny Candle offers a 4oz tin for $14.99 and 8oz tin (which I have) or glass for $24.99 in variety scents. I actually have Imagine - Anything is Possible Candle, Arousing Chocolat Mint scent which I am in love with! Not only do you get a candle and body oil but also a very nice piece of jewelry for an amazing price. Obviously I recommend you guys to check them out! You won't regret it! And if you do let me know what you guys think about it. I would love to hear your thoughts about it too. Love y'all and many kisses!!!


LuLu*s Style Studio Lounge

February are one of the Months I look most forward to not only because of Valentine's Day and New York Fashion Week but it's that time of the year when LuLu*s arrives to NY for its annual Style Studio Lounge event. After attending fashion shows, many editors and bloggers get together under one roof also known as the beautiful 404 NYC. Although not many guest attended due to the extremely cold weather, it was a great and fun event for all of us. This year there were many great sponsors, giveaways and contest for us to enjoy throughout the whole night. I myself won an amazing My Spa 2 go gift bag full of awesome goodies from Bidwell Botanicals, Supergoop, Sothys, and Essie Polishes. By the way, Thank you My Spa 2 go! I absolutely love them *kiss kiss*.
Anyways, open bar was provided by the amazing HPNOTIQ. Even though I'm not a big drinker, I did enjoy the Sea Breeze which contain coconut rum and pineapple juice. Later on through the night, allowed for each guest to pick out one item from the collection. Just image how us bloggers went crazy trying to find the perfect piece that fit our style. I of course picked out a cute deep v-neckline, open back dress in red with sleeves.
Check out the images down below. I will host a giveaway with some of these products very soon. xoxox